Unlocking Success with Our Courses

Our courses, backed by two decades of experience in the digital transformation of events, leverage the latest tracking technologies and event tech systems to provide real-time insights, empowering you to generate commercial value effectively and efficiently.

  • Our singular focus is to equip you with practical knowledge that you can directly apply to boost your Customer Value Indicators (CVIs) and Commercially Valuable Outcomes (CVOs).

  • We demystify advanced concepts by communicating them through the straightforward, non-technical language of the CVI + CVO Framework™.

  • Get exclusive access to tried-and-tested templates, hacks, and shortcuts that enable you to deliver digital value at an accelerated pace.

Elevate and Digitise Events

Facing challenges in orchestrating memorable and impactful events in the digital era? The Digital Academy equips you to navigate these complexities, transforming not just the format but the entire experience of your events.

Our courses empower you to deeply engage your audiences, create more effective in-person events, master the art of digital delivery, and ultimately, drive increased Commercially Valuable Outcomes (CVOs).
Stacking CVIs and CVO cubes to build a bridge to overcome the barrier of digitising events

Why The Digital Academy

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, businesses often grapple with keeping pace and effectively leveraging new technologies. The Digital Academy addresses this challenge, making key insights and learnings accessible and understandable, even for those not native to the tech and digital worlds.

Our principal offering at The Digital Academy is teaching the CVI + CVO Framework™. This strategic approach empowers businesses to manage and apply technology effectively, resulting in improved business outcomes and competitive advantages.

Beyond merely conveying technical knowledge, the Framework fosters a shared, simplified language rooted in quantifiable Commercially Valuable Outcomes (CVOs). Enabling you to confidently navigate digital techniques and data-driven strategies and enhancing your business's digital proficiency.

By joining The Digital Academy, you gain the tools to transform your business's digital journey into an informed, strategic, and value-driven process.